Because your first impression shouldn't be, "Check out my Pee Spot."

The dreaded Pee Spot...
Pinch, pull, push, stretch, clench, shake, shiver, squeeze, flap, flop, wiggle, waggle, jiggle, joggle, jerk, tug, yank, flick it, tap it, milk it, fold it, or even tie it in a knot and somehow it still happens.

Not anymore. Whether you're trying to get back to the game before the commercial ends, running late for a meeting or just crossing your legs that certain way, your hastiness or lazy-shaker ways will no longer be punished with the tell-tale pee spot on your pants for everyone to get all snickery about. And no, these aren't diapers, sponge pants or dribble drawers so get that thought out of your noggin right now. They're just cool underwear, with some pretty cool technology. Read on, to be scientized and earn your pee spot prevention postdoctoral.

Stop the Spot

Manley Barrier Technology stops the pee spot.Nothing gets through your underpants thanks to our invisible barrier in our Presenting Pouch. Stop the spot.

Stop the Spot™

We took everything we learned from aliens in science fiction books, astronauts in movies and really, really smart contributors to Wikipedia, then sat down with a pen, a pad of paper, some beers and solved a problem men have been having since they put on their best loin cloth to go to Cave Prom. The result? A comfortable pair of underwear that not only makes you look great, but will come through in the clutch when you're in a clinch because you didn't clench.

Our Presenting Pouch™ keeps all your tools and implements neat and tidy, front and centre. But what makes our P-Pouch extra special is what you can’t see and won’t let anything BE seen...

Our proprietary Manley Barrier Apparel Technology™ - an invisible barrier, two years in the making, that is impenetrable to drops, drips and dribbles. It acts as a shield and safe-guard from the dreaded post-shake pee spot, so you can walk into any room, as proud and confident as a peacock. (See what we did there?)

Get a Manley pair.

Introducing the Dry Boys™ Collection. Our Presenting Pouch™ puts all your goods and services on stage, and pee spots on notice.

Our story, in all its spotty glory.

It was Fall. 2019. Two buddies, Peter and Paul, are walking along the street.  No, this isn’t the opener to a bar joke. Quite the contrary. Fact is, Paul Manley and Peter Neal were going through a tough period that year. Peter was dealing with depression at the time. It was crushing.  Meanwhile Paul was also struggling. His wife, Teresa, had recently succumbed to mental illness. While trying to process that, he had to find the strength to now carry on as a single parent. And so to help each other, these two friends would get their dogs and meet for their “Poop and Sticks” walks. (So called because they agreed, “There was no need to talk about anything except for poop and sticks.”) Well, there’s only so much to say about poop and sticks. Good thing, too, because it led to other topics. And as is often the case, levity can be the best medicine during dire times. It wasn’t long before the conversation topics turned to the dumb and the dorky. The guys were thinking up all kinds of things to make each other laugh; charcoal filtered underwear, ear wax candles, nose hair braiding spa studios… Pointless, mindless laughter was the point. One morning, Pete came out with a pee spot. (Or was it Paul? The debate rages.) "Hee-hee, wakey-wakey, shakey-shakey...", The spotless teaser teased. "Ah crap...someone should just invent some underweeeeeaaar-hey-wait-a-SECOND!" And BAM!, the world slipped into slow motion, a chorus of angels rang out, they embraced (careful not to touch pee spots), and they forgot all about Pete & Paul’s Nose Hair Braiding Spa chain. 

And that’s how two friends, a pee spot and some good old poop and sticks therapy led to the greatest advancement in underwear since the banana hammock.

< Pictured here, the spotless Peter Neal and Paul Manley

Stop the Spot. Stop the stigma.

In case you haven't noticed, we don't really subscribe to the whole "Guys should keep it inside" way of thinking. (Except when it comes to pee spots on your pants, that is.)

Fact is, we can't address men's issues if we don't talk about them, openly. And our founders never forgot how this idea began. That's why we're all about supporting men...not just down south but upstairs, as well.

Manley Barrier Apparel™ donates a portion of profits towards men's mental health initiatives.

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Open on the exterior of a Falcon Heavy Rocket traveling in space…

RYAN: Mission control, do you copy?

Then cut to the inside cockpit, where extremely expensive, but likeable mega movie star, RYAN REYNOLDS, dressed in a khaki one-piece cotton twill “space” suit, is strapped into a chair.

RYAN: Mission control, do you copy?

We cut to the RYAN’s point of view and we see the cockpit windows and the expanse of space and the earth in the middle of it all. 

Video screens are on the console below the windows, and we see members of mission control.  In one, we also see President JOE BIDEN and in another, Xi JINPING.

MISSION CONTROL: We do indeed, welcome back sir…it’s been a while.

We cut back to Ryan in a wide view and we now see that strapped on one side of him is a PANDA - Mei Lan - also dressed in a khaki space suit. 

RYAN: Good to be back…we should be entering earth’s atmosphere in a few minutes...and our payload is secure and safe…

We cut to to reveal a third astronaut strapped in on the other side of the PANDA. It’s CHARLTON HESTON, who’s groggily waking up…

HESTON: Who the hell are you calling a 'payload', pretty boy?

RYAN:….aaand he’s a wee bit testy. Mei Lan, why don’t you give Mr. Hangry something to eat. Oh and you’re welcome for us rescuing you from the apocalyptic future, by the way.

Mei Lan passes HESTON some bamboo…

HESTON: Get your paws off me you damned dirty ape!

XI JINPING:  (English subtitles) He’s not an APE!

CHARLTON: Who the hell are you?! Where the hell am I?!

JOE BIDEN: Actually, he’s right, he’s a type of raccoon…true story.

XI JINPING:  (English subtitles) He’s not a raccoon! He’s a bear!

BIDEN: Haha…A trash bandit. LOL.

XI JINPING:  (English substitles) I think it’s time to send up more “WEATHER” balloons….

Xi JinPing starts to snicker along with the Panda…

HESTON: It’s a madhouse! A MADHOUSE!!

RYAN: Holy MOSES, your delivery is still so good. You’re really nailing it. But save some for the press junket.

And Joe, I hate to break it to you but Xi over there is right…molecular studies show that Mei Lan is part of the family Ursidae, derived from the Latin, Ursus, meaning “bear”. True story.

JOE BIDEN: Hey, don’t get smart with me. You forget I’m your President. 

RYAN: Actually I’m Canadian, so technically you’re not. 

BIDEN: Listen, I don’t know how you got up there but.…

RYAN: I’m up here because... (RYAN turns to camera)...some writer is exercising his fantasies right now…and because HE hired me.

We pan to another video monitor and see ELON MUSK.

ELON: Hey Buddy…

BIDEN: Hi Mr. Musk.

ELON: I wasn’t talking to you…

RYAN and ELON exchange silent “air” high fives…

A guy from MISSION CONTROL finally breaks in…

MISSION GUY: Since we are breaking the 4th wall and all, it’s time we stopped this creative self indugence and got on with the commercial. So listen up people…you’ll be back on earth very soon and the press will be waiting. This is important, we need you looking your best and most impressive. So therefore, have you all gone to the space-urinal? 

RYAN:  Drained and dry. 

PANDA: (Thumbs up)

HESTON: (To Ryan) Have I?

RYAN:  Yea, don’t worry the little guy took care of things.

The Panda gives a measurement symbol with his thumb and index finger, and snickers…

HESTON: Oh dear God…

MISSION CONTROL:  And are you all wearing your Manley Underwear?…

The mission control screen now flashes a 3-D image of Manley Underwear on the screen, showing the logo, the Presenting Pouch, etc…

The mission control guy continues…

MISSION CONTROL: …The official Underwear of the GLOBAL SPACE PROGRAM. The only underwear that stops the dreaded pee spot

RYAN: Yes, sir…we are all wearing our Manley Underwear…the only underwear that stops the pee spot…


The Panda gives him an enthusiastic thumbs up.


RYAN:  …Except Captain-Forgets-His-Pants…

RYAN holds up a pair of Manley Underwear. And tosses it in the air and it floats off.

MISSION GUY:  And where is he now?

RYAN: In the space-bathroom, as we speak.

SFX: A urinal flushing... 

A hatch door opens behind them and out floats HUGH JACKMAN, in full khaki space suit. He floats towards us, and settles into his postion beside Ryan. As he buckles up, we can clearly see a PEE SPOT on the crotch of his khaki suit.

Everyone else is snickering, shaking their head…

HUGH: Hey everyone…did I miss something?

RYAN: Apparently you did. 

Hugh looks down at his pants and sees the spot…

HUGH: Ah bloody hell….

RYAN: No matter how you shake and dance the last few drops end up in your pants.

HUGH: I’ll just go back and throw a few drops of water on it. And say the tap sprayed me…

BIDEN:  Everyone knows that trick. You might as well wear a sign that says, “Guess which spot is the pee spot.” Next time just wear the damn Manley Underwear.

XI JINPING:  (English subtitles) And stop the pee spot!

We cut to the exterior of the Falcon Heavy Rocket headed to earth…we also see the Manley logo on the side of it.

Dialogue cointinues from inside the ship, as we hold on the ship in space:

RYAN: I feel like that was a bit of a weak ending. Is it just me? 

HUGH: It was a bit rushed, maybe.

RYAN: It started strong…but then kinda, meh…I wish we had a more powerful end line…

HESTON:  Solient green is PEOPLE!

RYAN:  Ok, nice try…but a little out of context, Chuckster.

HUGH:  Yeah, shame that…a bit sad, really.


RYAN:  Oh, that’s good. I like that. See, THAT's old school professional. 

HUGH: We should stop talking.

RYAN: (whispering) Yeah…just end on the sound of space…

HUGH: Shhhhh....

We hold on the rocket in silence for several beats, as we fade to black.

ELON: Aaaand fade to black.

RYAN: Really, Elon?

ELON: I always wanted to do that.

RYAN: Maybe next time Tweet it.