Manley Barrier Technology stops the pee spot.Nothing gets through your underpants thanks to our invisible barrier in our Presenting Pouch. Stop the spot.

Stop the Spot™

We took everything we learned from aliens in science fiction books, astronauts in movies and really, really smart contributors to Wikipedia, then sat down with a pen, a pad of paper, some beers and solved a problem men have been having since they put on their best loin cloth to go to Cave Prom. The result? A comfortable pair of underwear that not only makes you look great, but will come through in the clutch when you're in a clinch because you didn't clench.

Our Presenting Pouch™ keeps all your tools and implements neat and tidy, front and centre. But what makes our P-Pouch extra special is what you can’t see and won’t let anything BE seen...

Our proprietary Manley Barrier Apparel Technology™ - an invisible barrier, two years in the making, that is impenetrable to drops, drips and dribbles. It acts as a shield and safe-guard from the dreaded post-shake pee spot, so you can walk into any room, as proud and confident as a peacock. (See what we did there?)