The Pee Spot. Yet another reminder of how the human body is not perfect.

We've all had it happen to us. Or we at least know someone, or have seen someone it's happen to. Yep, that nice little wet spot on our trousers or shorts that tells the whole world, "Hey, look at me, some of my pee just came out! Hope you like it!" We call it a pee spot, but the "medical" name is post micturition dribble. PMD, if we must give it an acronym. It can be caused by a weak pelvic floor muscle, brought on by surgery, or a lot of heavy lifting, or just plain aging. But sometimes, it's none of those things. Often it comes down to being too hasty and we fail to expel all the water we have in the pipes, so to speak. Sure, you can shake all you want but that's not going to always get it all. The sure fire way to make sure you don't fire off an extra round after you've left the bathroom is to take two fingers and press them (gently) at the base behind your scrotum and draw them forward, along the underside of the urethra to the end of your penis. Picture getting the last bit of toothpaste out of the tooth paste tube and you get the idea. The trick is to start as far down at the base as possible. Of course, as we know, nothing is foolproof and we don't always take the time...especially if there is a game to get back to, or you're running late or just plain being Rushy McQuickpants, so it's good to have a plan B. And that's where Manley Barrier Briefs come in. Nuff said. If you'd like to really dig into PMD, there are a lot of great sites and we've provided a few links below. Makes for interesting reading the next time you're doing your business. Beats playing Candy Crush. Just don't drop your phone. Again.