Our story, in all its spotty glory.

It was Fall. 2019. Two buddies, Peter and Paul, are walking along the street.  No, this isn’t the opener to a bar joke. Quite the contrary. Fact is, Paul Manley and Peter Neal were going through a tough period that year. Peter was dealing with depression at the time. It was crushing.  Meanwhile Paul was also struggling. His wife, Teresa, had recently succumbed to mental illness. While trying to process that, he had to find the strength to now carry on as a single parent. And so to help each other, these two friends would get their dogs and meet for their “Poop and Sticks” walks. (So called because they agreed, “There was no need to talk about anything except for poop and sticks.”) Well, there’s only so much to say about poop and sticks. Good thing, too, because it led to other topics. And as is often the case, levity can be the best medicine during dire times. It wasn’t long before the conversation topics turned to the dumb and the dorky. The guys were thinking up all kinds of things to make each other laugh; charcoal filtered underwear, ear wax candles, nose hair braiding spa studios… Pointless, mindless laughter was the point. One morning, Pete came out with a pee spot. (Or was it Paul? The debate rages.) "Hee-hee, wakey-wakey, shakey-shakey...", The spotless teaser teased. "Ah crap...someone should just invent some underweeeeeaaar-hey-wait-a-SECOND!" And BAM!, the world slipped into slow motion, a chorus of angels rang out, they embraced (careful not to touch pee spots), and they forgot all about Pete & Paul’s Nose Hair Braiding Spa chain. 

And that’s how two friends, a pee spot and some good old poop and sticks therapy led to the greatest advancement in underwear since the banana hammock.

< Pictured here, the spotless Peter Neal and Paul Manley